Hi everyone! We’re happy to announce another company to help support the WordCamp event. It is Web Hosting Search, an online information site about web hosting reviews, news, and articles. They will be donating two 1-year WordPress hosting accounts to two winners in a raffle. The raffle will take place during the conference. This is a great way to help out any WordPress looking to getting their own domain. As always, there is some fine print but below are the rules that needs to be followed :

1) Winners must abide by the Hosting Provider Terms and Conditions.
2) Winners must abide by state, local, and national laws governing the internet communication.
3) Winners takes responsibility for own content on their website.
4) Winners will contact us after the conference to have their accounts set up.

You will be able to contact Eva Vesper. They can be found via Twitter @hostingsearch.

We thank them for their help and hope the lucky winners will enjoy brand new blogs!

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We now have the paypal option for payment of WordCamp India passes. Pay away people! 🙂

Please note, we are not taking credit card payments since that requires us to upgrade our account. Please pay only via paypal user to user mode.


We are on a roll with WordCamp India! To register, see the payment options and check out the latest event info (we are adding new sponsors and sessions even as you read this), click on to our event brite page here. Do hurry! This is on a first come first served basis. And we are seeing registrations go up real fast. And do remember to follow us on Twitter here.

We would like to extend our thanks to Adobe India and Automattic Inc for helping us in organizing this event. Adobe India was kind enough to provide the venue (their own office) & food for the event and what better place can one expect? Matt’s presence was good enough in itself and they’ve helped us also by giving us sponsorship for the event too!

Thanks Adobe and Automattic Inc for making it possible for us to host this event!




Delhi Bloggers Bloc and Blog Design Studio present India’s first ever WordCamp (and India’s biggest blogging event in recent times). The conference is in planning phase at the moment and we are also looking for sponsors under various categories. If you are interested in volunteering or if you want to speak on the topics related to WordPress, feel free to contact us.

Mayank Gupta – +91-9910786431, me (at) mayank.info

Twilight Fairy – +91-9811511719, twilightfairy at gmail dot com

Sanjay Shrivastava- +91-9873707071, copysanjay at gmail dot com

Date : 21st, 22nd Feb ’09

Location : Delhi

Matt Mullenweg has kindly agreed to join us for India’s first wordcamp!

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