Hi everyone! We’re happy to announce another company to help support the WordCamp event. It is Web Hosting Search, an online information site about web hosting reviews, news, and articles. They will be donating two 1-year WordPress hosting accounts to two winners in a raffle. The raffle will take place during the conference. This is a great way to help out any WordPress looking to getting their own domain. As always, there is some fine print but below are the rules that needs to be followed :

1) Winners must abide by the Hosting Provider Terms and Conditions.
2) Winners must abide by state, local, and national laws governing the internet communication.
3) Winners takes responsibility for own content on their website.
4) Winners will contact us after the conference to have their accounts set up.

You will be able to contact Eva Vesper. They can be found via Twitter @hostingsearch.

We thank them for their help and hope the lucky winners will enjoy brand new blogs!

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